March 06, 2011

Lupin III: Island of Assassins

If you are looking for an anime with an exciting story and tonnes of action and adventure, then you won't be disappointed with Lupin III: Island of Assassins. I was in the mood for something fast-paced this evening since a lot of the anime that I have watched lately has been more dramatic and thought provocative.

In this movie, Lupin and his friends end up on a mysterious island just off of the Bermuda Triangle, after a team of assassins crashes a dignitaries party. In the process Lupin is framed for the murder of the attendees of the party as well as having he shooting of Zenigata pinned on him. While on the Island Lupin starts to learn of the hold that the leader of the assassins has over all of the inhabitants, and how he fosters their desire to kill. Lupin's reasons for visiting the island go deeper than his interest to steal and bring him to a point where he can close a chapter in his life.

Now normally I would go into more detail with the plot but I don't want to spoil the story. In fact, I want you to go and watch this film because of how good the story is. I have always found with Lupin III films that the stories are highly entertaining and very well constructed. I never find myself finishing one and wondering..."what next?".

As would be expected from a Lupin III film, this one boasts an excellent soundtrack from Yuji Ohno. The animation in this particular movie appeared to set more of a serious and mature tone to it. Although Lupin is still a perverse thief, it was easier to take him more seriously in this film instead of seeing him as just a joker. For those who have seen Secret of Mamo or Castle of Cogliostro, the violence level is toned down quite a bit. In Island of Assassins, Lupin is much more of a fighter, and the scenes do have more of a violent tone expressed in them.

My overall verdict on this movie is that it was an excellent use of time to watch. I felt thoroughly entertained by the time that I reached the end and didn't feel that there were unanswered questions. For those who haven't watched a Lupin film before, this will be right up your ally if you want something with action and a story. For those who are fans of the series, this wont' disappoint!

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