November 05, 2010

Demon Fighter Kocho

Demon Fighter Kocho is an echii parody film. The entire story revolves around four characters who make up the astrological society. Their role is to protect their school from the evil demons plaguing it. It turns out that the demons plaguing the school end up being lost souls of a prince who ran away and dies and his servants from ancient times.

There really isn't much else to this story. The anime itself is just shy of 30 minutes in length. The only thing that really even made it worth watching was the perverted comedy. Every few minutes someone loses their clothes, usually Kocho, and the males around end up with nose bleeds.

I would have to say I am glad to see that this only ended up being a short 30 minute OVA. Had this been turned into a series, I have a strong feeling that I might have dropped it after 2 episodes. By no means was the show bad, it just didn't have enough elements to keep it going further than the 1 episode. Bouncing boobs can only carry a show so far, and in this case, they carried it as far as they could.

I will say that the animation style of this anime was well done. It was very much in line with the character design of Saber Marionette and Slayers. Although I wouldn't recommend this film to everyone for their collection, I would suggest that die hard anime collectors pick this one up, more or less to have the nice box art on your shelf.

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