December 12, 2009

Street Fighter IV

So I recently purchased Street Fighter IV a week ago (I know I'm late). I was a little hesitant when the game released since I remember the classic Street Fighter II series being such an outstanding one. With many new releases of classic games, I sometimes tend to find that they can get watered down in terms of gameplay in order to provide better graphics. To say the least this was not the case with SF4. The gameplay was quite good and the graphics are outstanding. The character expressions, movement delays based on physique, and detail in costumes and dialog kept me wanting to play this game more and more.

The battle system has been significantly improved so that characters have a recovery time after heavier hitting moves. Also the ability to do follow up moves after launching special attacks enhances the quality of fights that can be had.

I was really drawn to the fact that you can have online battles throughout the Arcade mode circuit. The method of matching people on on the PS3 network was not too bad. The ability to change your title and icon and collect new ones for fulfilling certain conditions gives players little things to work towards as they play.

The only downside in this game (at least in my opinion) is the final boss fight (Seth) in Arcade mode. I tend to find that regardless of the difficulty this character is retardedly cheap to fight. It seems that no matter what attack you launch, he can counter, or unleash some crazy combo that is almost impossible to avoid. I tended to find this a little frustrating at times and often it would draw my attention away from playing arcade mode.

Overall this game was well worth the money and I do recommend it to fans of the classic 2D fighter.


  1. too bad you feel asleep playing your game last night. must have not been that interesting!

  2. I always wondered how they were going to take what was essentially a 2d platform and move it to 3d without losing the feel of the game. I used to love fighting games, but alot tend to have cheap bosses at the end who can pull off combos or blocks that the player can't. Star Wars Unleashed did this in the Vader fight and while I got through it after a few tries the fun just wasn't there anymore.