December 14, 2009

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

This is easily my favorite game on the PS3. I know that many of the reviews out there describe the Dynasty Warriors series as a repetitive hack-n-slash game. I will be the first to admit that there is an element of repetitiveness in this game, along with pretty much all the other Dynasty Warriors/Warriors game. What appeals the most to be about this series and Dynasty Warriors Gundam/DW Gundam 2 is the patience needed to beat the game in its entirety. Of course any individual could pick up the controller, and button mash the square until they have gone through all 6 missions. Where I think this game shines for true gamers is the ability to sit and repeat levels, using some of the crappiest suits and achieve high scores along with the level 4 ranked parts. Also the ability to customize your parts allows for some pretty interesting co-op play and versus matches as players can develop their mobile suits to suit their strengths.

Essentially in this game you have the ability to explore a series of maps where you will take out enemy commanders and conquer different fields to gain advantage in your battle. The new thing that has been added to this game that is really nice is the friendship system. Basically when you kill certain pilots or even encounter them as enemies, your relationship with them changes. As you build different relationships with characters new levels and suits become unlocked. This makes beating the game a little more challenging as you cannot unlock all of the levels with just one character from the outset.

Now my opinion of this game may be a little biased. Gundam is my favorite anime series and I do tend to look past many of the flaws in the games that others would be quick to point out. The reality is that regardless of the game, you will have people who hate it and people who love it. I tend to find that ratings of games are not always the greatest representation of my enjoyment factor when playing a games. I have played games with a 10 out of 10 and hated them and played games that are a 2 out of 10 and loved them. The whole thing comes down to your own style of games and where you emphasize as your areas for enjoyment.


  1. I haven't played the Gundam ones but I have played and owned some of the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors. I like the huge number of characters that you get to choose from and unlock and each environment is pretty big. The game can become a bit of a button masher sometimes. I have a couple of other bugs but they are related to Samurai Warriors and Dynasty warriors.

  2. Please share what the "bugs" are with Dynasty/Samurai Warriors. Anything anime and gaming is fair game here. I will get to a post in the near future about the series as a whole, but feel free to elaborate on some of the character flaws of these games here.