December 09, 2009

Lunar The SIlverstar Story

This was one of my favorite games growing up on the Sony Playstation. If you are a fan of classic RPG games with nice anime cut scenes and that nostalgic old school gaming feel then this is definitely a game that you want to check out. Maybe its just me but I really liked the Playstation games from Working Designs (before they went defunct). I have yet to try out Lunar 2 Eternal Blue, but if it is anything like the first one, then I am sure that it will impress.

Since these games are no longer in circulation I would recommend running an emulator on the computer to play these classic titles. EPSXE is a very nice emulator that runs pretty clean when it comes to emulating Playstation. You can pretty much find the ROMs all over the internet. I'll post the links to some sites that are excellent for finding good emulators and a nudge ;) in the right direction where you can find ROMs.


  1. I am a pen and paper rpg'er from way back so I always enjoyed the PSX rpg's. Going up levels, getting new characters, cool cutscenes always make it a fun time. My only complaints about some of the games is a crazy need to levelup before moving on to the next area and some drug induced monsters. Getting attacked by a old boot that has come alive is only slightly more disturbing than being attacked by Linsay Lohan.

  2. Scallywag, Although I have never played any pen & paper RPG style games, I have to commend your enthusiasm in the RPG realm. I do agree that some console based RPGs are a little overbearing in the constant need to level up in order to move on, especially with many of the next Gen console games. I still find that popping in a SNES RPG classic like Chrono Trigger is still a much better quality gameplay than much of the new stuff out there. Maybe I'm just living in my younger days with the nostalgia of old school RPGs.

  3. Yeah I used to like the PS2 Rpg's. They were big on story. The random fights sometimes got in the way of the story now and again, but overall I liked them. The insane leveling up in games like Xenosage was frustrating and I never did get to finish that game. Xeno was one of those games where you needed to have certain party members with certain skills. BUT you didnt always know which characters or skills you needed till the end.