February 15, 2012

Skip Beat

Skip Beat starts off with a young girl named Kyoko who works multiple jobs to financial support the guy she loves, Shotaro. They were childhood friends and when he decided to move to the big city to become a star she agreed to go with him, in doing so she quit school so she could work all day. Yet Kyoko doesn’t mind having given up so much for Shotaro because she is head over heels in love with him and has the the motto that as long as Shotaro has everything he wants she couldn’t ask for anything more. Things quickly fall apart when she learns that he was just using her and now that he has made it into showbiz he no longer needs her. Yet instead of being a sad, weeping baby about it she decides to get revenge by entering showbiz and becoming an even bigger star than him. So starts Kyoko’s journey into the world of showbiz.

The best thing about the story for me was Kyoko doesn’t go into depression when her love leaves her instead she takes action. She moves into a new place and changes her appearance all for a fresh start. Then she works at finding her way to enter the world of showbiz which does have a rough start for her. Her anger and hatred radiate from her and scares people. She decides to get signed with the Shotaro’s company rival in showbiz. She has to pretty much stalk one of the company’s employees so she can audition to become of the companies talents. During her audition the president of the company notices and says she’ll never make it showbiz as she is now because she lacks something as a person. So for her to gain that something as a person she finds herself as the newest member of the “love me” section of the company. A section the president started for her, because he sees great potential in her. Her dedication to get vengeance is humorous and refreshing in a world full of “Bellas.” Soon though Kyoko runs into the star of the company Ren and he finds her reason for acting sickening and tells her he doesn’t approve. These two begin to run into each other throughout the series and even become co-stars. The relationship between these two is also one of the great things about this series. They help each other grow and become close in a very real way.

The storyline is slow and it takes it time to develop. The characters are well shaped and have depth, you watch Kyoko as she goes from just wanting revenge to actually enjoying acting. Its slow and steady progress but she is starting to discover new facts about herself and I personally love watching her grow into a young woman. The storyline as a whole is mostly humor based with some touches of more emotional moments. The series is 25 episodes long so it doesn’t progress to far down the story as a whole; the manga is still being released but much further along than where the anime leaves you. So if you enjoy the anime and want more pick up the manga and follow Kyoko’s adventures as she grows closer to Ren and has more run-ins with Shotaro. A great anime in my opinion, one I’ve watched a few times already and still enjoy every time.

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