February 26, 2012

Oh! Edo Rocket

Oh! Edo Rocket is a comical series taking part during the feudal era in Japan. The lord of the land has decided to outlaw any and all forms of entertainment, putting street performers, theaters, and sports arenas out of work. Seikichi Tamaya is a teenage fireworks maker. He is always trying to find ways of making bigger and better fireworks for all of the people in Edo to watch. One day, a young girl name Sora asks Seikichi is he can build a firework that will fly to the moon. With the appearance of Sora, her odd request, and a mysterious string of deaths following sightings of two unknown monsters, the stories of all of these very "unique" characters begin coming together.

While highly entertaining this series was a little slow to get through. This was mostly due to the very odd comic structure in the story. Each episode helped to further tell the story, but lacked a strong gripping element that made you want to keep watching the next episode. There is a great deal of humor that is directed to an older audience.

The artwork in the shows design was very appealing to watch. There is great use of color and detail. The artists also used some very unique design elements when creating characters, with some looking like your typical depiction of a person while others looked like something out of My Neighbors the Yamadas.

Character development is interested in that everyone seems to have their secrets. Much of the character development is tied around the style of humor used throughout the show, which in my opinion ended up restricting the ability for the characters to develop to their potential.

The music in the series was average. The soundtrack is worth checking out but nothing to write home about. I wasn't a huge fan of the intro theme, however, it wasn't terrible (just not really my style).

Overall this series is worth watching if you are in the market for something with some comical flare and adult humor.

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