November 28, 2011

Metal Fighter Miku

Metal Fighter Miku is a short, 13 episode series that tells the story of Miku, a young girl whose dream is to become the queen of Neo Pro Wrestling. The story begins by following Miku in her debut match as a professional wrestler. As her career develops, Miku is pitted against an increasing number of contenders, all to realize her goal of facing her idol, Aquamarine. Along the way, her greatest rival becomes one of her biggest supporters. With an interesting team of friends who are like family, and a coach with a mysterious past, Miku and the gang create a funny and exciting experience.

While a short series, Metal Fighter Miku does provide a lot of entertainment in its story. The plot moves quickly and there is little room for filler. The character development was done in such a way that you could see the evolution of each character following various paths and progression rates. It is always boring to watch a series where all of character development tends to follow the same progression time line. Having characters develop within the context of their role in the story creates more dynamics when watching the series.

This series is from the mid-90s (1994 to be exact). Surprisingly, based on the quality of the animation, I thought that this was a little older (perhaps 1989-91). The animation was still appealing regardless but the soundtrack was another story. The music was a little bland for the most part and really didn't encourage me to seek out a copy of the soundtrack. The voice overs where decent, but some of the lines were pretty cheesy (again something we can expect from anime in this time period).

Overall, I enjoyed this series. While it wasn't one of the best I have seen, it was still a solid watch for the most part. I found that there was a good combination of action in the wrestling matches, balanced with inspiration from the training, and comedy from many of the friendly interactions. This is worth checking out if you want something with a futuristic feel and light humour.

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