September 19, 2010

Pokemon: Slowking's Day

I have to start out by saying that you will probably be able to watch this short 3 minute OVA fast than you can read this review. There isn't a whole lot to say, primarily because Pokemon can only seem to say their names when speaking. This entire film follows a day in the life of Slowking. For fans of the series, it should be pretty apparent that Slowking is known for being a lazy Pokemon, so it's day shouldn't consist of a whole lot. The second giveaway of this is the fact that the OVA is only 3 minutes long.

Basically Slowking spends its day eating, sleeping, walking, swimming, and sleeping again. There isn't a whole lot more to it. The entire dialog consists of some kids voices repeating "Things that Yadoking likes" then Slowking (Yadoking) saying what it is doing.

The short movie isn't all that bad. It works for younger kids, which tends to be the target audience for Pokemon, even though all of us older people who grew up with it still tend to watch the shows and play the games.

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