August 16, 2010

Soul Hunter

I haven't managed to watch too much of this show yet, actually to be honest I just started it a couple of days ago. So far from what I have seen its pretty good. I really like the style of animation and the character development is pretty interesting. The animation of the human characters makes this show look as though it is going to be very serious and intense, but the story itself allows for more human than intensity. This is very reminiscent of Trigun in this respect. The story itself seems to take place in a Feudal Japan setting with characters demonstrating attributes of magic and supernatural powers.

Having finished up this series I can say that it was a decent anime to watch. The ending was nothing stellar, but still enjoyable nonetheless. While there was some level of conclusion in the ending, it did feel rushed, which tends to be a common element among many anime series I'm finding lately.

The animation style was something that had drawn in and kept my interest throughout. Music was not bad and helped to set the tone throughout the episodes well. As with most English voice dubs, nothing exciting here, more or less what you would expect to find dialog wise from a dub over.

Overall, this show was worth the time to watch. Definitely more story than action. If you are looking for something with more adventure behind it, then Soul Hunter is worth checking out.

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