February 19, 2010


I was in the mood for a mecha based fighter when i decided to watch this series. As I made it through this show, I was beginning to notice that it was very much like Eureka 7 in terms of how the story developed. Many of the elements shared common themes. One of the main themes revolved around a band of rebels fighting against a massive force. Of course in the end, the rebels win as per many of the anime series where the rebels are the protagonist. At times it is a little hard to understand just how the smaller forces are able to win when they are basically fighting with inferior weapons and technology until the final fight when they suddenly get a revolutionary weapon. This tends to be a common attribute of many anime sharing the similar style of story development. This made the show a little predictable. I often found myself waiting to find out how and not if the smaller force would win the war.

Another attribute that is common to Eureka 7 along with many other of the newer mecha anime is the whole love story with two characters who seem to have nothing in common in the beginning of the show. This was also a predictable element of the show.

The strongest point of this series was the idea of people having to live in quantum servers as medabodies rather than dying on Earth as real people. The entire story was based around the idea of the fight for human preservation. I really liked this aspect of the show, as it was the factor which caused a lot of the twists and turns in the character interactions and story development. Some of the questions about which world is real and which is a dream are really though provoking. It raises questions about whether it is better to live in a dream world that does not have suffering but continues to run in an infinite loop with no evolution, or live in the real world where suffering and fighting is present.

Overall, I would recommend this show to anyone who is interested in being challenged to answer questions about quality of life. The mech component makes the action scenes pretty good, but this show really builds it strength on the life questions that it proposes to its audience. The show as a whole is not amazing but still above average.

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