January 29, 2010


Until a couple of days ago I had no idea what Ninku was. I was not in the mood to begin a new series, and wanted to watch something short. The Ninku movie was perfect for this. Running only about 25 minutes it managed to cover a fairly interesting story. The Ninku are a group of somewhat silly looking ninja squad leaders from a war that has broken out. They are part of the Ninku clan and are recognized by many for their strength and fighting ability.

I was not able to pick up much ore than this for the back story from the movie alone. This did make the movie a little difficult to follow. There were a lot of interesting aspects of the character's history dropped in from time to time, leaving you wanting to find out more about the past of these ninja.

For the most part the movie didn't completely suck. Back story aside, there was one decent fight for the entire movie. It wasn't spectacular but it will do. The strength of this movie lies in the fact that there wasn't a whole lot trying to be explained. The writers did not try to throw every detail about the characters into the 25 minutes. This allows you to focus on what is happening rather than everything else that happened. The ratings for this movie on AnimeNewsNetwork are pretty bad. Had I seen this before I watched the movie, I may have put it on my "things to get to later" list. Overall I wasn't overly disappointed with this film. It maid for light watching. I wasn't completely in the mood to get into a thought provoking Anime today so movies such as this one serve a purpose on occasion.

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