December 28, 2009

Ranma 1/2

So I figured being an anime based blog, I should probably get some more reviews of anime series up. Ranma was one series that I grey up on. When I first got my hands on the entire series I sat for about a month and watched all 7 seasons, 12 OVAs, and 3 movies. It was definitely one of those shows that makes you reminisce of easier times (I mean when we were kids and had nothing better to do with our time). For some reason I really like the whole Rumiko Takahashi animation style and storyline. More familiar to some newer to the whole anime scene is Inuyasha that premiered on YTV a few years back. Although not one of her greatest series was not a total waste of time to watch. Many of there story lines from this animator revolve around people becoming or being part animal.

Ranma 1/2 centres around Ranma and his father training to become master martial artisits. During their training in China they fall into some springs and ultimately transform into different things based on what died in the spring in the past. When Ranma gets wet he turns into a girl and his father turns into a Panda Bear. basically as they go through the story they meet other people who turn into other things when they get wet as well because of the same springs. Ranma and his father stay at  the home of Ranma's father, Soen Tendo and his three daughters. The story line is pretty typical in that Ranma and one of Soen's daughters (Akane) basically go through the whole liking each other but not doing anything about it. It does at times get a little annoying but the series as a whole is pretty solid. There are some decent fights, characters, and comedy all thrown into this series.

This is a show I would recommend to anyone as it does cater to a number of different tastes. Although there isn't the whole Dragon Ball Z seriousness in the fights, they are still entertaining enough to keep you watching.

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  1. Its funny that so many anime series have romance that never actually happens, but its like the concept of how annoying it is goes completely over the writers heads. I don't need a happy ending all the time and depending on the series and what its tone is. Still that being said it gets frustating if for no other reason than the main character is so often totally thick. You could have a character naked with a huge sign over their head saying bang me now big boy and the guy will give them the "your trying to tell me something" look. A building romance can be a good story item but by series 5 sort it out already.