January 17, 2014

Wolf Children

Hana, a young college student meets a strange young man and falls in love with him. Turns out the man is the last of his kind, he can turn into a wolf at will. The two move in together and start a family. They have two kids a little girl named Yuki, she is very wild and full of energy and a little boy named Ame, he is timid and mellow. The father dies in an accident while Ame is still a baby, leaving Hana to figure out how to raise two wolf children on her own. After a few issues arise living in the city she decides to move out to the country so the children can have plenty of room to roam without being noticed. 

Beautiful, that is the word that comes to mind when I think of this wonderful movie. The story is touching, the mother has to figure out how to care for her children without the help of the man she loves. Her loneliness is shown in beautiful ways, and even though she is lonely the love she has for her children shines through. The trials and tribulations of her predicament make for a story that works for all ages. It has moments of sweetness and moments of comedy all blended together beautifully. 

The animation of the characters is simply done, much like Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. While the character animation is simple the rest of the animation is breath taking. The scene in which Hana discovers her lover’s true form is full of stars and it’s beautiful. The mountains and the rest of the backgrounds are striking and a nice contrast with the simple character design. The world created for this movie is amazing; it is one of the best I’ve seen.  

Overall I highly recommend this movie; it works for kids as well as adults. I plan to add the blu-ray to my collection as soon as possible. So make sure you add this movie to your must watch list.

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