October 31, 2013

Karasu Tengu Kabuto: Ougon no Me no Kemono

Karasu Tengu Kabuto is a short 40 minute OVA taking place in an alternate feudal Japan. Let's kick things off with the plot; Kabuto is a wandering tengu who travels to a run down village, only to find out that the king is dead, his sorceress wife is oppressing the populace, and the princess has been locked away in the dungeons. In order to help return the villagers to their familiar quality of life, Kabuto takes on the sorceress and her mechanical samurai minions. That about sums up the plot of this OVA.

Having watched a number of short OVAs in my time, there have been some which can concisely tell a story in a compressed time, while others flop big time. Karasu Tengu Kabuto fits more into the flop category for me. Even after 3 cups of coffee, this OVA still managed to put me to sleep (literally). You could imagine my disappointment when I had to re-watch part of it in order to honestly say that I watched the whole thing.

While this anime didn't really keep me overly entertained, it wasn't all negative. I am a huge fan of retro anime with that 80s/90s feel. What drew me initially was the box art. Looking at the art work, I knew I was going to get a cheesy soundtrack and some nice rough artwork (both of which were delivered without fail). I did enjoy the art in this OVA and that did help to justify the 40 minutes.

Overall, I would still recommend checking this OVA out if you are a huge anime nerd like me. For the casual anime fan, you may want to put this one further down the list of what to watch.

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