April 05, 2012

Metal Torrent

Metal Torrent is a space shooter that is available on the Nintendo eShop. This title is DSi Ware that can be played on either the Nintendo DSi or 3DS handheld platforms. The gameplay for this title is relatively straightforward. Players have an option between two different spacecraft, one with a spreader gun and the other with a more powerful concentrated firing range. The premise of the game is weave and dodge your way through 8 stages all while trying to shoot down as many enemy ships as possible.  The controls are very limited in that you move with the d-pad (or joystick on 3DS) while shooting your main weapon with B or X and special weapon with A or Y.

This game is a quick play, lasting around 15 minutes, with little challenge. Considering that enemy fire very rarely hits you while piloting, it almost feels like a free play mode. Compared to other rival plane shooters such as Raiden Fighters or Sonic Wings, this title isn't a great challenge. While it is entertaining and an interesting way to pass some time, this won't be a title that you rush home for. This title can be purchased using coins from Club Nintendo until the end of April, more or less making it free.

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