January 09, 2011

Samurai Gun

After coming off Blue Dragon as the last anime series that I finished, I decided that I wanted to watch something with a little more action and short. I ended up spinning the roulette wheel of anime and ended up getting Samurai Gun. Samurai Gun was significantly shorter than Blue Dragon, spanning a total of 13 episodes.

The show follows Ichimatsu, who is part of an elite unit known as Samurai Gun. The Samurai Guns receive their orders from an organization known as the Council, who are in opposition to the Shogun. Ichimatsu is one of the original Samurai Guns and considered much more powerful than the newer Samurai Gun recruits. When he was younger, Ichimatsu witnessed the rape and murder of his older sister. Being of mixed decent, Ichimatsu already has a bit of a disposition, but having this scar in his memory has caused him to be even further removed from females when it comes to issues of intimacy. Often through the show Ichimatsu will seek the companionship of one female in particular, a prostitute named Ohana, who he often only wants to have conversations with. Throughout the entire series, Ichimatsu is seeking out the man who raped and killed his sister.
As you can tell from the brief description of the story plot, the show has a lot of graphic content in it. I often found myself a little disturbed by some of the scenes in this show, mostly because I was not prepared for them. There is a lot in the way of sexual assault (without seeing the details of what is happening), very physical assault, and graphic murders. Samurai Gun is very much catered towards adult audiences who are not squirmish to concepts of sexual and physical assault. The story itself was fairly interesting. I thought the music selected was well chosen for the scenes that it was being used. The intro video to the show has an art style very reminiscent to Samurai Champloo as well. The selection and use of dark colors helped to reaffirm the seriousness of the story and set the tone and mood that the developers were going for.
Overall, I enjoyed Samurai Gun. I didn't feel that my time was wasted with this anime. Although it was a little serious and graphic for my tastes, I am not regretful that I took the time to watch it. I would highly recommend that audiences who do check this one out be of a mature (adult ) audience as there are a lot of scenes that appear through the show that are certainly not well suited to younger viewers.


  1. Were there any other rape scences besides the sister?

  2. I don't recall there being any rape scenes in the show other than the flashback the Ichimatsu has about his sister. Even in that particular scene it isn't a graphic depiction. The flashback shows us the viewer after the rape occurs, so you don't actually see it happen.

    That is one subject that does tend to not sit well with me when watching any shows. I am glad that the artists and writers decided not to get too graphic with this detail since it can be a very uncomfortable subject for many people.

  3. I,ve actually owned this series for a few years now and watched it a few times and even some scenes could be considered graphic it isn't that bad considering other anime's and manga's i've watched.

  4. There certainly are many out there that are much worse in terms of showing all of the graphic details. Many of the more graphic scenes I tend to find are placed into the hentai realm rather than series created for the general populace.