January 05, 2011

Dragon Tiger Gate

Dragon Tiger Gate is a film based on a comic by the same name. The plot revolves around to brothers who are separated when they are young and must return to the Gate (their training place) in order to protect it and its students. Basically the story is the typical good versus evil. In this case, one of the good guys isn't sure if he is a bad person or not, but eventually finds his way by the end of the movie. The plot in itself was very good actually. It made for a very entertaining viewing to say the least. I found myself wanting to watch more and there were lots of areas where the story could have been further developed. The action sequences were very well choreographed and showed quite a bit of innovation. As usual in films such as this, everyone knows Kung-Fu. The fights in the film had substance to them and lasted for a good amount of time; long enough to feel that it was a fight I just watched, but also not too long to the point of it getting old.

The character development in the film was extremely good. As the film progressed the characters and the relationships that they form with each other continually changed. I find that character development is key in making a film such as this a success. If the characters are unchanging bruisers, the film can get very dry very fast. By showing the paradoxes that characters continually find themselves in, it is easy to relate to them as the viewer.

The costumes were also interesting. Most of the characters looked like they were out of a videogame. There was a very interesting design style here.

My overall opinion of this movie is that it is well worth watching if you are a martial arts fan and want to see a good story tied in with relevant fights.

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