January 27, 2011

Dragon Ball Z - SUPER Android 13

"Dragon Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball ZZZ" Yeah, I remember that stupid English theme song they used to have for the Dragon Ball Z series... and it wasn't very good.

Anyway, remember the good old days? I mean old old days when DBZ was THE series for most people. With its popularity, a numerous of movies were made including Dragon Ball Z - Super Android 13. The plot to this short 45ish minute movie takes place sometime when the Androids (16, 17 and 18) were activated but before Cell? This does not exactly make sense regardless if you followed the manga or the series. In short, this one is more for the DBZ fans.

It's about 3 Androids have been activated and programmed to hunt and destroy Goku. Yes, that's my summary of the plot. For most people who were born in the 80s and have watched enough anime in the 90s, they would realized many of these stand-alone movies generally follow somewhat of a similar formula where it's an arc that usually does not fit into the normal series and it's a problem that can easily be resolved. So it's indirectly, it can really be omitted from the series BUT you know what? The producers wanted to put it out anyway; an example - Sailormoon.

I felt it was a very short movie yet intense in terms of the rush through the story, which isn't new or much that is if you have seen many of the DBZ movies. However, this is part of the longest arc in DBZ, the Red Ribbon. For anyone who doesn't know, hurry and watch the entire series of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z!! Or just flip through DBZ Kai. Back to this movie, the fights were acceptable but at times it felt unnecessary, again because it used the same formula as the other movies. We all know who wins, and also HOW the bad guys are usually defeated *** SPOILER - a freaking spirit bomb *** Seriously, this shouldn't be a surprise!

This may sounds like a rant but I would actually say I am like one of the biggest DBZ fan and this was much needed to remind of when I first got into the world of anime. Not only does this reveals my age but it's a like walk down memory lane. Good memories and gosh... another good old 90s movie spawn from a series.
Writer's Note: Any SD readers who follow me, may find there are big gaps between my posts. The reason is that I have enrolled myself back to school. However, I AM in the anime club of the school so just between school/ studies and clubs, it will take a little bit more time for me to put together these posts. Please be patient with me. Thank you.
P.S. Watched this anime called Eyeshield 21 about this highschool football team and Trigun - The Movie, which was awesome!!

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  1. Really liking the review. I know exactly what you mean about a lot of companies capitalizing on a franchise name and releasing a number of OVA/Movies under that name with little to no plot relevance to the original story. Although I won't complain about it because I'll be the first to admit that when a franchise that I do like starts releasing additional titles I am usually very quick to watch them. I think my obsession with Gundam is proof of that.

    You're posts are always awesome, best of luck with school and we always look forward to reading new content from you.