November 16, 2010

Big Windup! Special

This OVA is a prequel to the actual Big Windup! series. It takes place about a year prior to the story of Mihashi. During the first season we are given a taste of Abe's background and his dislike towards his previous pitcher. This short special tells the story of what brought Haruna to the high school that he was playing baseball for when he was featured in the series.

Since the special is a prequel, it doesn't require you to have any previous knowledge of the series. It is essentially a side story explaining the hard work and training that Haruna has gone through to get to his goal of playing professional baseball.

Many of the same underlying themes of self-confidence are touched on in this short 25 minute OVA. The entire story is focused around the concept of building self-confidence through hard work and acceptance of who you are as a person.

This OVA made for a good short side-story. It is worth the 25 minutes to watch and hits on some really important issues about self impressions.

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