February 04, 2010

RG Veda

I'm not completely convinced that this show was worth the time that I spent watching it. The storyline was very choppy for an OVA.  This OVA consisted of 2 separate episodes that didn't seem to transition well into each other. The entire plot basically revolves around a great deal of back story. I would suspect that it is necessary to read the Manga in order to acquire all of the necessary facts to understand fully what was occurring through the story. The ending was basically left as a cliffhanger. They answer the question of who the final person the main good characters are looking for, but do not end off the show with a boss fight. I'm not sure if the intention is that once all 6 "stars" come together that they are able to implicitly defeat the main boss in the show with no questions asked.

The animation style was very much like Fist of the North Star (Hokuto No Ken). There were a lot of steroid ripped characters. The color scheme used is also very dark. In terms of character design, it is very much in line with sows like Record of Lodoss War. The whole setting is based in a medieval sort of atmosphere. There is a combination of magic and swordplay put in through all of the fight scenes. All of the fight scenes were pretty one sided. The good characters make short work of any villains present with little to no resistance. This makes for some rather dull fight scenes to say the least.

For the most part, I wouldn't highly recommend taking the time to watch this show, but I also don't condemn it. The storyline is mediocre and the fights are about the same. The character design is nothing innovative either. The only portion of this show that I would say makes this short anime worth watching is the animation style. If you are a die hard fan of the late 80's early 90's style animation, then this is worth taking the time to view.


  1. The style sort of remind me of Saint Seiya mixed with Clamp.

  2. Actually, this series is produced by Clamp. Its right on the intro credits. You are correct in your comparison to Saint Seiya (another awesome series). There are a lot of the same elements. Melee style combat mixed with some supernatural magic/power. If I had to compare the two though, Saint Seiya is still a higher quality anime than RG Veda. At least in my opinion.